All Tangled UP - If you were born with a cell phone in the palm of your hand, this book is a must read!

If you were born with a cell phone in the palm of your hand, this book is a must read!

Are you aware that networks are an excellent means of communication but sometimes they get out of control? Do you spend hours online using screens? Do you want to make the most of technology´s potential?

An innovative book for today's teen. This is not just a book; it's an awareness manual. It has practical activities and thinking challenges that you can investigate and apply both physically and mentally.


A book by Amilcar Matosian.


Fragments on Getting Untangled


Disconnect a little from screens and enjoy the outdoors. Don’t let technology control you. You control it. Don’t let technology use you. You use it.


Use social networks to connect with others, but don’t be naïve; the art of friendship is a daily construction.


Don’t allow others to harass you; love yourself enough to set limits. Nor is it good to remain in the judge's chair sitting behind the screen.

Biography of the Author

Amilcar Matosian is pastor, husband, father, and entrepreneur. He and Leticia Bacigalupo have formed a beautiful family with two children, Iván José and Berenice. Since 2002 they have been working together, leading and pastoring in youth ministry. Currently they are working with an extraordinary team called AdosXtremo, leading teenagers. He loves teens and is fascinated by the changes the technological revolution is generating in all areas of society. He forms part of the pastoral team of the Tierra de Avivamiento [Land of Revival] Church in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Co-Founder with Nicolás Villanueva of Ados Ministry. Co-Founder with Daniel Tursi of ToolED, an NGO dedicated to Digital Education with values.

Chapters and Illustrations

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